Nokia 6.1 Plus Most Common Problems & Issues + Solution Fix – TIPS & TRICKS

Nokia 6.1 Plus is another budget-oriented smartphone by the company, but is it perfect all around? Obviously no. First of All, in this article, we address some of the common issues and problems in Nokia 6.1 Plus smartphone and next, with the proven solution to it. So, do stay until the end.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Common Issues and Problems

Welcome, I am here to help you out with certain Issues on the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Please do carefully go through all the topics that are covered under this article. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH. It will eventually help you 😀

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Nokia 6.1 Plus Problems Fix Issues Solution Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Nokia 6.1 Plus Phone unexpectedly shutting down

This issue is common among most of the Android smartphones. If this problem arises then consider the following steps –

How to fix sudden shut down in Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    1. First of all, if you encounter this issue then you may want to take care of the heating issue as well. As, if the phone temperature rises up to the maximum level, then you can face this issue.
    2. Second, charge your phone fully and let the battery drain until the phone is completely shut down on its own.
    3. Lastly, you can perform a factory reset on the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Do not restore backup thereafter, instead manually restore your data.

Also, Unlock Bootloader

If you follow the above steps and still encountering sudden shutdown, then its time to go to service center.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Screen frozen or stuck

If your phone is stuck while doing a task or making phone calls or maybe while playing games. Then, follow the steps below.

How to fix screen froze or stuck on Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    1. Firstly, if you are encountering the issue only in particular app such as Instagram. Then you don’t need to worry and blame your phone for that. The app needs the update or further optimization for the particular device model.
    2. If you are getting stuck on the default apps on Nokia 6.1 Plus such as Phone, Messaging or the camera app. Then, go to setting > apps > default apps, then choose the app you are getting issues with and clear its cache.
    3. Lastly, a factory reset or phone format could help you solve the problem.

Also, Install TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery

Consider the above steps and you are good to go 😀

Apps Opening slow on the Nokia 6.1 Plus

If the apps on your phone are opening apps slower then is used to be, then follow the steps below.

How to Fix Apps opening slowly on Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    1. Firstly, some apps by its nature open slowly, such as large graphics intensive games and apps such as Youtube. That should be fine.
    2. If every app is opening slow on your Nokia 6.1 Plus then you need to restart your device, so that services could run fresh.
    3. Finally, go and wipe your Nokia 6.1 Plus and start from a new device.

Also, How to Root

If the problem still arises, go to your nearest service provider.

Apps and Games Crashes Suddenly or Unexpectedly on the Nokia 6.1 Plus

If you are one of few getting this problem, then you should solve the issue by following the steps below.

How to fix sudden app crashes on Nokia 6.1 Plus?

  1. First, go to the Nokia 6.1 Plus’s setting > apps, then click on the app which is crashing frequently and clear its data.
  2. Second, uninstall the app and install it again from the play store.
  3. Update the app from the play store.

Also, Install Custom ROM

This should probably fix your problem. If the problem is still there then drop a comment below describing your issue.

Bluetooth not connecting on the Nokia 6.1 Plus

Bluetooth problems may occur from time to time while connecting with other devices. Take the following steps

How to fix Bluetooth connection issue on Nokia 6.1 Plus? 

    1. First of all, make sure your phone is up to date. Check OTA updates and update the phone as soon as possible.
    2. Second, make sure your device is discoverable to other devices and vice versa.
    3. Lastly, try turning Bluetooth on and off for few times on the Nokia 6.1 Plus

Also, Unroot the phone and go back to Stock ROM.

Above step will definitely make your Bluetooth connection stable.

Display cracked and touch not working on Nokia 6.1 Plus

Your phone display is cracked and you want to access the data. Do following.

How to access data if phone touch is not working on Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    1. Connect your phone to a computer or laptop via USB C cable. You can access your data from the PC.
    2. If you want to use some apps on the Nokia 6.1 Plus, get an OTG cable and wireless keyboard and mouse. Connect OTG cable to the phone and connect the wireless receiver to the cable. You can access your phone just like a computer.

Also, Unlock Bootloader

Above, will help you access your Nokia 6.1 Plus phone even if your touch is not working.

Wi-fi Connection problem or low range of Wi-fi on Nokia 6.1 Plus

If your phone is getting the low range or wi-fi problem then take the following steps.

How to Fix Wi-fi Connection problem on Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    1. First things first, check your router or modem. Try resetting its settings.
    2. Make sure there is no obstacle in front of the router.
    3. Also, turn your airplane mode on for 1 minute and turn it off again on the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Also, Install TWRP Recovery or CWM Recovery

If the above steps did not work for you, then try connecting your phone to a different Wi-fi connection and see if it’s the same or not. You may want to show your phone to the service center for any defects.

Cellular network issue or Mobile Data Problem on the Nokia 6.1 Plus

If your phone is not getting the proper signal or mobile data network is not working as it used to work before then try the steps below.

How to fix Cellular network and Mobile Data network in Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    1. Firstly, Take your sim card off and put it again.
    2. Turn on Airplane mode for 30 seconds and then turn it off.
    3. Tweak network settings from the settings menu on the Nokia 6.1 Plus.
    4. Finally, go to the service provider and make him/her do the rest.

Also, Root the Phone

Your phone will work as expected by following steps. if you have any more issue regarding the network then drop a comment below.

Apps not downloading from the Play store on Nokia 6.1 Plus

This is one of the common issues among Android users. Take the following steps.

How to Fix Apps not downloading from play store on Nokia 6.1 Plus?

  1. First, Go to settings on the Nokia 6.1 Plus and clear app data of the app Play Store.
  2. Then, Clear local search history from the Play store app.

Also, Unroot the phone and go back to Stock ROM.

This should solve your issue. If you have any other problems regarding play store do let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you. 😀

That’s it we have covered all the issues and problems regarding Nokia 6.1 Plus smartphone and How to FIX them. If there are any more issues with your Nokia 6.1 Plus then drop a comment and I will update the article.

About Nokia 6.1 Plus

Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Nokia 6.1 Plus smartphone.

  • Firstly, it has a 5.8 inches display with a resolution of 1080 by 2280 pixels. A total of 432 pixels per inch.
  • And Nokia 6.1 Plus also comes with Android 8.1 OREO.
  • And under the hood, Nokia 6.1 Plus has a Snapdragon 636 chipset.
  • The Phone also comes with 4GB Ram and 64GB Storage. 
  • Furthermore, the camera sensor on Nokia 6.1 Plus – 16MP + 5 MP dual rear camera and 16MP front shooter.
  • Finally, the battery on the Nokia 6.1 Plus is a non-removable 3060 mAh.

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71 thoughts on “Nokia 6.1 Plus Most Common Problems & Issues + Solution Fix – TIPS & TRICKS”

  1. Sharanya says:

    Airtel internet is not working on this phone. I tried doing multiple settings on the internet. Please help on this issue.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Sharanya,
      Try calling airtel customer service. They will help you regarding this with appropriate resources.

    2. Siva says:

      Are you able to use it now? Because I too faced the same issue. But after replacing the SIM card I was able to use the internet. But after two days it’s again no internet. The same SIM card is working fine in other mobiles.

      1. Athulkrishnan says:

        I have this same issue…help me to manage this problem

  2. Sekhar says:

    Hi, my Nokia 6.1 plus mirroring/casting is not working, it says not supported with even Chrome cast…Any help…

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Sekhar,
      You need to check Phone compatibility & as well as TV Compatibility.

    2. Vignesh says:

      Is your phone having any Heating issue?

  3. Sekhar says:

    Thanks Ritik,

    Before Nokia 6.1plus.. I have Moto on that casting is seamless.. I will also explore more..

  4. Adi says:

    Heating issue just by listening a single song on YouTube

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Adi,
      Do not worry that’s normal.

  5. Raghavendra says:

    Frequent call drop with this phone. Tried all network settings nothing worked. Also, the 4G network also not consistent and stable. Please help. Whether it’s problem with the cell phone? Will this be fixed with future updates? Or do I need to switch to a new phone?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Raghavendra,
      Try changing sim cards. Maybe your current network is not so powerful in your location. Maybe.

    2. athul krishnan says:

      I have this same issues in my Nokia 6.1plus. Will this be fixed with future updates?

  6. Raghavendra K S says:

    Thanks Ritik for your response. But my earlier Samsung has no no issues with same network and sim.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      That happens sometimes, brother.

  7. Asfy says:

    hi I bought nokia 6.1plus few days back and my keyboard/keypad automatically disappears on its own while typing any text (sms/whatsapp/messenger/imo ETC ETC). I have to tap the cursor again n again to reopen the keypad. please suggest how to fix this. thanks


    I am facing two problems with my new Nokia 6.1 plus.
    1. Whenever I use dual sim (Airtel+BSNL), I am unable to use Airtel mobile data, however, it works with only Airtel single Sim. I was not facing this issue with my old mobile (Redmi Note 3).
    2. Nokia 6.1 plus gets disconnected from Wifi and does gets connect automatic, I have to click manually to reconnect it with Wifi.

    Any suggestion?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Rameshwar,
      Kindly check network setting for your sim cards. And keep an eye on the software update. It could fix your problems.

    2. Parth Patel says:

      1. Go to settings-network and internet-sim cards-mobile data-select which one you want to use

  9. vivek singh says:

    I am facing issues like can’t able to hear caller voice during call although when I restart the phone it starts working. i faced this issue 2 times till now

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Vivek,
      That is the Sim card problem & not the phone problem. Network Issue may cause this problem.

  10. venkat says:

    heating up to 44 degrees while charging.
    Is this normal or serious issue?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Venkat,
      While charging its ok, but not ok when you are using normally.

    2. Avd says:

      How to know the temperature level

  11. Rashid says:

    I am using Nokia 7 plus, so far so good. Recently my wife purchased a Nokia 6.1 plus, she is complaining heating issue.
    Can anyone sort out this issue or this related the design of the cell? So we can’t rectify this heating problem.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Rashid, This is quite common in smartphone nowadays.

  12. Aakash Raj says:

    Sir, I am using Nokia 6.1 plus, it is been heating up while taking videos for around 20 to 30 mins about 44-46 degree Celsius and while watching YouTube temperature goes up to 40 degree Celsius. Is it normal or abnormal?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Aakash,
      Yes, this is normal in Nokia 6.1 Plus. Do not worry.

  13. Bhupesh Gupta says:

    I am having a problem with the screen. Whenever I press the lock button to lock the phone, a red light from the whole screen blinks in the whole screen, don’t know why this is happening.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Bhupesh,
      You may have turned on certain things in the setting that is unknown to you. I recommend you to reboot your device first & if the problem is still there, try factory resetting your phone.

  14. Rajat says:

    Some apps on Nokia 6.1 plus are not working on wifi but they are working fine on mobile data. Can anyone help in this regard?


    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Rajat,
      Can you please explain your problem. Like is it showing no connection or some other warning?

  15. Joyson says:

    Screen calling background automatically changed. Recently the background is orange however after 2 days the background is white please help!

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Joyson,
      The background color may be different, it can also be due to “Home” or “office” call in some situation.

  16. Aakash Raj says:

    Thank you very much

  17. Santhosh says:

    Wi-Fi is disconnected after using continuously using Wi-Fi after some time, at the same time Wi-Fi is working perfectly on other devices. After switching off and switching on WiFi on mobile it’s working fine. Is this the issue with hardware or software issue which can be resolved by future updates?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Santosh,
      Frequency range is different for every smartphone, My iPhone 7 also get this issue while other phones at the same time are connected.

  18. Ved Prakash says:

    I have a problem regarding Power on of Nokia 6.1 Plus. I received a damaged product from Flipkart. I used to mobile for several hours and after that, I charged the battery fully and did a factory reset. And packed the product again and proceed the product for a replacement to Flipkart. Flipkart seller approved my request for a replacement and he took 10 days to replace.. but at a time when he came for replace the damaged product didn’t switch on .. I tried my best but the phone didn’t switch on. I left for charging for more than 7 hours and I also press the power button+volume up button but it didn’t work. I went to Nokia care when I said to solve my issue .. he said mobile is in damaged condition and if I checked your mobile problem then you’ll have to pay for that. Now suggest me what I do? Please as soon as possible

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Ved,
      You should have told the guy from Flipkart that the phone is not turning on. That’s it. This should be enough to get your phone replaced. Tell him I am not able to use this phone because it is not starting. So, how do I use it? Kindly replace it.

      1. Ved Prakash says:

        Okay.. I’ll talk to him today morning. Thank you.

  19. Deva chauhan says:

    I have problem regarding while I switch on .. Nokia logo come up and stuck for several hours

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Deva,
      Go to the service center, they will probably reinstall the OS. And do not forget to make a video on this problem before going to the service center.

  20. wilson T Mathew says:

    when connecting with wifi for 15 minutes Nokia 6.1 screen freezes. why it so and what is the solution?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Wilson,
      Does it freezes every time while connecting Wifi or only sometimes?

      1. Wilson says:

        It freezes every time when connected with wifi

        1. Ritik Jain says:

          Ah, well try rebooting or I would even recommend you to reset your Nokia 6.1 Plus. If it is a lag then it should go away by performing this steps. But if this is software optimization issue then there is nothing you can do, until Nokia addresses this issue & rolls OTA update.

  21. madhu pappu says:

    people started telling me that “they need to try 2-3 times to call my number and call also drops abruptly” i didn’t face this issue with the same sim in my previous moto phone. any suggestion what to do? i have tried placing my sim in other mobiles also, no issues with sim

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Madhu,
      The problem is with the phone optimization. There is nothing you can do by your end. Sorry 🙁

  22. Archana Kumar says:

    When I lock the phone a red light appears on the screen while the phone gets locked. Is this an issue?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Archana,
      Can you describe the “light”? Shape, Size,?

  23. Harshit says:

    I purchased Nokia 6.1plus on 14th oct. Received it on 18th.. I carefully followed every instruction to activate the sim.. every this was working fine except the bsnl mobile internet. I thought it was new so must be the reason. I have tried every measure to access the sim’s internet. But no success. When I inserted it in my old phone I received the internet connection but not on this phone. Is there any other way to access it or should I change it. .. please help me as the last date of returning is today i.e. 27th oct. 2018

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Harshit,
      I am really sorry for the late reply. As there were already a lot of comments in the queue to be answered. However, you don’t need to return the phone. You can just call BSNL customer care number & ask them for the appropriate internet settings. That’s it.

  24. adhitya says:

    I got problems, with my Nokia 6,1 plus, the smart lock cant be open, and when I open my Instagram the phone always opens the camera, and my Instagram doesn’t have “close friend setting” please send me any suggestion?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Adhitya,
      Update your Instagram, & also try rebooting your phone to see if the problem still exists.

  25. Naveen says:

    Not reachable when someone is trying to call me. Not at all getting connected. Works fine in other phones. Tried all network settings nothing worked. Also, the 4G network also not consistent and stable. Please help. Whether it’s problem with the cell phone? Will this be fixed with future updates? Or do I need to switch to a new phone?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Naveen,
      I would suggest you switch sim company first rather than the cell phone itself.

  26. Pujan says:

    My Nokia 6.1 plus automatically kind of turned off nothing working when I tried to turn it on it actually showing a signal do not charge…..
    Now, what can I do?

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Pujan,
      You will have to visit the service center.

  27. Abdullah says:

    Only Airtel Internet is not working inspite of all settings provided by the service provider.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Abdullah,
      Change the SIM 🙂

  28. Bhuvan Rastogi says:

    Lag in video for video calling via WhatsApp from both cameras. Duo is not working at all.

    This started after new Phone update.
    WhatsApp is up to date as well.

  29. Ahmed habashy says:

    Hello i have a problem with my mobile
    When i turn it off for awhile .. and turn on again it hanging and now all of icons and theme are changed

  30. Abhishek says:

    Hi Ritik,
    Thank you for this article,
    I am also facing some issues on my Nokia 6.1 plus.
    1. Whenever I create a video the focus gets off sometimes and when I finish creating the video the area where the focus off showed as blurry in the final video. Could you please suggest any fixes for it.
    2. The default messaging app takes time to delete the messages, sometimes almost 10 seconds.
    3. I have recently updated it to Android 9.0 and facing very slow video while doing video calls using WhatsApp. If I move my phone the video gets very blurry and very very slow. The person with whom I was having the call was saying he is not able to see you properly but as soon as I switched the phone on the same WiFi connection the video was good. So there is no issue with the internet connection for sure.
    5. How can I degrade the Android version if it solves anything?

    Please help if you have any solutions to these issues.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Abhishek,
      Try a factory reset. That may solve your problem. But I guess the Nokia 6.1 Plus has a lot of issues & can only be solved by a software update by the company.

  31. Ss says:

    Muddhu using nokia 6.1 plus android got updated automatically to 9.0 and my unable to access Internet from that time please help me to solve this

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Sindhu,
      There is no connecting between software update & internet not working. There is some other problem with the phone. Maybe you have toggle some setting.

  32. Rahul says:

    1. Sometimes my voice doesn’t go to the other side when I am on the call, it’s very irritating..the sim is Airtel
    2. Sometimes touch doesn’t work properly especially from left hand…
    3.heating is very common while using the camera.
    I hope some verified solution before I start regretting about getting back to Nokia.

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Rahul,
      Nokia 6.1 Plus has got some issues, especially heating issue. I suggest you record a video on the problem & show it to the service center.

      1. Rahul says:

        What about other two issues?

  33. Lavanya says:

    Hi…I’m not able to open my sim slot… could you please suggest me what can I do in this case

    1. Ritik Jain says:

      Hello Lavanya,
      You need to put in the pin that comes with your phone box.

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