Xiaomi Redmi 6 Issues & How to Fix Them: Solution

Got your new Xiaomi Redmi 6? Is it working fine? Probably not, that’s why you are here. Gadgets and technology are prone to issues and various problems, sometimes problems cannot be solved. But here we are to discuss various problems faced by Redi 6 owner and quick solution fix for your problems and issues šŸ˜€Ā 
Redmi 6 Issues, Heating Issue, Battery Issue, Laggy Performance.

Heating Issue 2020

If your new Redmi 6 deviceĀ is facing the heating issue and you are worried if it’s going to be the next NOTE 7 Explode? Probably not. Heating issues in smartphones are most common issues nowadays. If you have ever used Xiaomi devices then you know what I mean.

How to overcome Heating Issue On Xiaomi Redmi 6

    • Make sure you do not overcharge your phone, in other words, if your phone is fully charged and it is still plugged into your charger, then chances are you may face slight heating at the battery area of your phone.
    • Make sure you use the genuineĀ charger and data cable that is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Do not play games while you are charging your phone, as playing games could normally heat up your device, but charging at the same time will lead to rising temperature.
  • Give your phone a rest, doing high intensive tasks for long hours may lead to the heating issue. Make sure not to watch videos for long on your Redmi 6.
  • Talking on phone calls for long will eventually lead to rise in temperature, as various phone services are used while an ongoing call. Which is completely normal. However, you may want to end the call as it may lead to rise in your ear and face temperature as well šŸ˜›

If you consider these points which I mentioned above, I think you can overcome heating issue on your Xiaomi Redmi 6.

Battery Draining Fast

If your Redmi 6 is encountering battery issues and you are thinking that Samsung should have put in a higher capacity battery. Spec sheet says Redmi 6 comes with 3000 Mah non-removable battery, which is quite good considering the competition. Let’s look at the issues which may be causing battery draining really fast than usual.

How to overcome Battery Draining Issue on Xiaomi Redmi 6

    • First thing first, if you have installed battery saver application from the play store in order to save your battery percentage than I highly recommend you to uninstall the saver as soon as possible. It can make your power even worse, it activates various services and ads that may lead to more power drain. Instead, use the saver that is actually provided by Samsung. You can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver, and turn the option ON. That’s it. You are good to go now.
  • Delete Facebook app from your phone, this may sound a little weird but the Facebook app is using your battery more than you are using your phone. Facebook app activates your location services, your notification services which are active all time, that leads to faster battery drain. Instead, use Facebook from the browser. Or rememberĀ to log out every time you finishĀ using Facebook app.
  • Stop playing high graphicsĀ intensive games when you are out and a power socket is hard to find. Games, when played for long, have proved to drain the battery faster on any phone.
  • Turn Off GPS and Location Services. Use Mobile Data or LTE network only when there is a need. These services also make your battery drain faster.

Follow the above steps and I am sure your Xiaomi Redmi 6’s Battery will last longer than it did before. If the above did not help you in saving your battery then let me know your issue in the comment section below, I will surely help you out. šŸ˜€

The phone is Sluggish and Laggy

Samsung phones before were tend to proved sluggish and laggy experience in almost all their smartphone lineup weather it is budget,Ā  mid-range or the flagship series smartphone. Though Samsung has made various improvements in the user experience department, you may possibly still encounter some laggy-ness on your Redmi 6, which obviously you don’t want to experience. Let’s see quick solutions to overcome this problem.

How to remove lag or overcome sluggish experience on Xiaomi Redmi 6

    • This step is pretty easy, try a quick reboot. Turn off your phone and then turn it on. Hopefully, all the services will start fresh which may eliminate your phone lag.
    • If the first step did not work for you then this will probably work for you. Try doing a factory reset and start the full software fresh. You can goĀ to Setting > Backup and Reset > Reset your phone. Before make sure to backup your data šŸ˜€
  • Is your phone still laggy and sluggish? then you may have to wait a little more for the official software update from Xiaomi. If this problem is affecting all models then Xiaomi will surely fix the issue with the OTA update.
  • This step is not recommended to all. You can Root your Redmi 6 and do certain tweaks in the software to make it a blissful experience. You can also install different Roms that can improve the overall performance of your phone. If you want to root your phone than I have a specific and easy article demonstrating how to root Redmi 6 here. However, doing this process can make you void your warranty, but don’t you worry. I have also created an article showing how to unroot Redmi 6 here.

Try these steps and you will definitely get a smooth user interface without any sort of lag šŸ˜€


About Xiaomi Redmi 6

Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Xiaomi Redmi 6 smartphone.

  • Firstly, it has 5.45Ā inches IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720Ā by 1440 pixels. A total of 295 pixels per inch.
  • And Redmi 6 also comes with Android 8.1 OREO.
  • And under the hood, the phone has a MediaTekĀ MT6762 Helio P22Ā chipset.
  • The Phone also comes with 4GB/3GB Ram and 64GB/32GB Storage.Ā 
  • Furthermore, the camera sensor on Redmi 6- 12 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera and 5 MP front shooter.
  • Finally, the battery on the Redmi 6 is a non-removable 3000 mAh.