Estimate Cost Of Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone, The Galaxy F!

Samsung will soon launch its foldable smartphone in the next year, as already confirmed by the company.  No doubt this will turn into a revolutionary Smartphone. Also will bring an exciting, compelling and engaging new ways to interact with a Digital world all around us.

As Samsung is one of the best selling smartphone company, so the price of this smartphone will not be easily affordable for everyone. $1925 to $2565 will be the price range for this Samsung Foldable Smartphones. Which is definitely going beyond the reach of everybody!

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Cost

It is been clearly mentioned that Samsung Galaxy F/Flex will be a conceptual deigned Smartphones. Which is just for some premium customers. Similarly, to the note series launched earlier with a curved display. Samsung is finally successful in converting the dreams into reality with this Foldable panel. And ready for the launching with a higher price for some specific customers.

The concern is about the difference in the price tag. What can be the reasons for this price range? As the only thing hits the mind the 2 variants with different storage. Although, the foldable display is going to be an unexpected update in the Smartphones.

However, there is a chance that this can be the manufacturing costs, not the retail costs. Still, there is more to come about this Galaxy F display design. In addition, the Screen density of this device will be 420ppi with a resolution of the main display is 1536 x 2152. The interesting thing is LG and Huawei both are also working regarding this foldable panel. It will be important to find out the specifications of these devices and the price tag of the smartphones from Huawei and LG.