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In this article, we review the all-new Nokia X71 smartphone. Furthermore, this article includes Design & Build Quality, Display, Performance, Gaming, Camera, and Battery Review. Alright, so let us start the VIVOY83 review. Contact me at –

Nokia X71 Design & Build Quality Review

Nokia X71 has a premium build that can be seen on other high-end devices in the competition. Furthermore, metal & aluminum is used to build the smartphone and no doubt the Nokia X71 is a premium design phone that comes with a durable and rock solid build quality. The design is sleek & stylish plus the handset is pretty slim too. Nokia X71 comes with a metal back and is scratch resistant that will make sure your phone is durable enough.

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If you are looking for a smartphone that looks awesome and draws other people’s attention to your phone, then this is the phone for you. However, make sure you do not drop your phone as Nokia X71 can easily be broken due to heavy materials used to build the smartphone. Putting on a cover or a case is recommended. Also, this punch hole design looks absolutely great. Let us now look for Pros & Cons for the Nokia X71 Design & Build Quality –

Design & Build Quality Pros –

  1. Sleek & Stylish modern design
  2. Solid rock hard build
  3. Premium looking smartphone

Design & Build Quality Cons –

  1. Fragile build
  2. The phone can easily be broken if the point of impact is hard enough

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Nokia X71 Display Review

This new modern tech world demands not just good internals, but excellent exteriors too. Smartphone displays are getting more advanced than ever before. Nokia X71 comes with a really high pixel density display, a total of 400 PPI. Display size is 6.39 inches. Moreover, the resolution of the display is 1080 by 2316 pixels. Watching movies and playing games look absolutely beast on the Nokia X71. The text looks crisp & clear, colors are vibrant and the darks are deep.

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The display technology used on the Nokia X71 is IPS LCD screen. The Display is easily visible under direct sunlight. However, highly reflective glass can be a problem in the sun. Excellent viewing angles on the Nokia X71 is great with no color shifting. It is really crazy how everything is so accurate in the display department. Would love to put some AMOLED wallpapers on the Nokia X71. Let us look at the Pros and Cons of the Nokia X71 Display –

Display Pros –

  1. Firstly, High Pixel Density Display
  2. Excellent viewing angles
  3. Also, Vibrant Colors & sharp text
  4. In conclusion, One of the best display for entertainment purpose, watching movies & playing games.

Display Cons –

  1. Highly reflective screen.
  2. Also, the display consumes battery fast when on full brightness.

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Nokia X71 Performance Review

The Nokia X71 smartphone comes with a mid-range processor, Snapdragon 660 Chipset. The phone also comes with 6GB RAM. Now being a mid-range phone, one would expect fairly good performance from the phone and this phone does not disappoint. Nokia X71’s performance is fast and fluid. Swiping and scrolling are fast enough to give you an experience of using a high-end smartphone. Geekbench and Antutu scores are fair enough.

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However, you may encounter laggy UI at times (not always). Nokia X71 runs on Android One software from Google, so you do not need to worry about software updates. Multitasking on the Nokia X71 is good & fast. In conclusion, apps do open fast & smooth but there are some occasional lags that are fixed almost instantly. Here is a bonus tip, always kill the app after use from the multitasking tray for a smooth experience. Below are the Pros and Cons of the Nokia X71’s Performance –

Performance Pros –

  1. Firstly, snappy and fluid performance from a good mid-range processor
  2. Idle RAM for the smartphone
  3. Fairly good multitasking

Performance Cons –

  1. Smartphone lags at times, very rare though
  2. High intensive tasks take a moment to load

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Nokia X71 Gaming Review

If you are looking for a perfect mid-range smartphone with gaming capabilities, then this must be the smartphone you are looking for. Nokia X71 packs an Adreno 512 GPU. This is a new GPU from the company that has proven to give enhanced performance and also saving battery life at the same time. Nokia X71 can run casual games such as Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers without any lags & frame drops what so ever.

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Games such as PUBG, Asphalt, and GTA  run smoothly on the Nokia X71. However, you will encounter occasional lag & frame drops when playing graphics-intensive games in the highest possible settings. Recommended graphics setting is medium for all the high-end games on this phone. Little heating can be felt when playing for long hours. Let us look for the Pros & Cons for the Nokia X71 Gaming Performance –

Gaming Pros –

  1. First of all, idle mid-ranger for gaming
  2. Casual games & high graphics games can run smoothly
  3. No frame drops or lag when played in medium settings

Gaming Cons –

  1. Heating issue when played for long hours
  2. Occasional frame drops & in-game lag when played in high settings

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Nokia X71 Camera Review

Nokia X71 comes with Zeiss Optics48MP + 8MP (13mm ultrawide camera) + 5MP (depth sensor) triple back camera, but wait, do not get fooled. Camera sensor may sound excellent but what matters is the capabilities. However, no doubt for the price you are getting a pretty good deal in terms of camera. Nokia X71 can shoot some amazing pictures in daylight with plenty of details in the final output. Image processing is really good on the Nokia X71. The camera performs really good in the low light too, given the aperture is F1.8. However, you will notice grains and soft images when it comes to low light photography.

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Nokia X71 also includes various filters that you can apply before taking the picture and will come handy in various scenarios. The phone has a dedicated pro mode for the professionals and everything is adjustable. Dynamic range on the Nokia X71 is not so great & not so bad as well. Overall, images do look sharp & crisp when there is good lighting condition but in the night this phone struggles to capture a good amount of details. However, you may end up getting a really good shot sometimes. Colors captured on the camera is very close to accurate and are well saturated.

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Nokia X71 is also capable of recording videos in 2160p @30fps and 1080p @30fps in high details and accuracy when given proper lighting to the camera. Nokia X71 comes with 16MP selfie camera & the inbuilt software provides you with a beauty mode to enhance your looks. Although not a huge fan of beauty mode, the front camera was able to capture really good pictures. Also, not to forget the additional filters that are really important for most of the users. Let us look for the Pro & Cons for the Nokia X71 camera –

Camera Pros –

  1.  Good dynamic range
  2. A high amount of details in the images when taken in daylight
  3. Natural color output
  4. Really good image processing
  5.  Pro mode for added functionality

Camera Cons –

  1. Camera unable to focus properly sometimes
  2. Low light images come out to be soft & grainy
  3. Video camera not recommended for low light shooting

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Nokia X71 Battery Review

Nokia X71 packs in a 3500mah battery & is a non-removable one. Despite not so big battery compare to the other phones, Nokia X71 can hold up till night on a single charge. This includes some calls, Wifi always on, casual gaming, watching videos & scrolling through Instagram. When using some intense tasks such as gaming or watching movies for long, the Nokia X71 battery area gets a little bit heated and start to decrease a little bit more than usual in percentage.

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Nokia X71 battery is also quickly chargeable, thanks to fast charging support with an appropriate charger. However, the battery did not last fair enough when mobile data was remained on.  Also, when full brightness was toggled, the phone could lose battery percent rapidly. The battery on the Nokia X71 is good enough for casual tasks, but if you are a heavy smartphone user then I guess you need to travel with a power bank. You can also turn on battery saver to get more life. Now, let us look for the Pros & Cons for the Nokia X71 Battery –

Battery Pros –

  1. Lasts full day of casual use (Calls, Wifi, Surfing, Whatsapp, Instagram)
  2. Excellent inbuilt battery saver for more battery life
  3. Supports fast charging

Battery Cons –

  1. Battery drains fast when using intense apps
  2. Mobile data when turned on, resulted in less battery life

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About Nokia X71

Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Nokia X71 smartphone.

  • Firstly, it has a 6.39 inches display with a resolution of 1080 by 2316 pixels. A total of 400 pixels per inch.
  • And Nokia X71 also comes with Android 9 Pie.
  • And under the hood, the phone has a Snapdragon 660 chipset.
  • The Phone also comes with 6GB Ram and 128GB Storage. 
  • Furthermore, the camera sensor is – 48MP + 8MP +5MP triple rear camera and 16MP front shooter.
  • Finally, the battery on the phone is a non-removable 3500 mAh.