Apple iPhone’s Can Also Run Google Fi, More Supported Devices!

Google FI is no more just a “project”. The corporate announced that now the wireless service will now to having an more device support. Moreover, not only with android phones but it will support an iPhone too. Although this is a big step forward by Google but will it be sufficient to attract the customers?

You won’t be charged for the unused data service is the idea behind the launching of Google Fi. Also, will provide international data coverage of about 170 countries and protect from spam. but the major problem was that it only works with a few devices. And those phones are Any Pixel, Moto G6, LG V35 ThinQ, LG G7 ThinQ, and Moto X4. In fact, other phones may support Fi but it will resist to only one network: T-mobile.

Google Fi AppleiPhone

There is a difference between the existing wireless network provides and Google Fi. The difference is that Google Fi will turn to the best network between the 3 wireless networks: T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular. While on Wednesday, Google Fi took a major step, by adding compatibility to other Android devices. Which are of Samsung and Oneplus and iPhone for the first time.

iPhone – Beta Version

Google mentioned that on iPhone it will be a beta version. And to get up with Fi, you have to visit Fi website and wait for the SIM card from Google in the mail. Once ready with SIM card insert it and install Google Fi app and go for further login steps in application.


$20 will be charged per month of calling and text for a single user, plus $10 a month for each gigabyte of data used, $60 will be maximum charges per month. And 15GB per month will be the data limit for a single user. And can add a person for $15.