[USER REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J6 Review

Samsung’s new Galaxy J series smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy J6 Review is here. Let us review the spec sheet of the all-new Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone with an infinite display as the selling point of the new mid-range Samsung smartphone.
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Samsung Galaxy J6 User Review

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Galaxy j6

Samsung Galaxy J6 Display

The all-new J6 comes with an infinite display that is 5.6-inch AMOLED panel display. Now, being a trend, mid-range smartphones are frequently getting display updates which are quite close to the flagship models of the company. Display resolution of the J6 smartphone is 1480 by 720 pixels (HD+)

Pros of Infinite Display

  1. Edge to Edge display making the overall frame of the phone smaller
  2. Easy reach in every corner of the display
  3. Full view movie and entertainment experience

Cons Of Infinite Display 

  1. Crackable display glass, even in the small fall. Phone Cover and accessories are must for J6
  2. Costly repair of the display when compared to normal screen displays.

Samsung Galaxy J6 Processor, Ram and Storage Options

Processor and Graphics Card (GPU)

The new J6 comes with Exynos 7870 Octa-core chip clocked at 1.6 GHz. This chipset is known to create issues while handling higher resolution display that Samsung provides on higher priced and flagship model smartphone, but this should work perfectly for the infinite display on the J6. Let us know your experience below for the Samsung Galaxy J6 User Review

Ram and Storage options

J6 variants come with 2GB/3GB Ram and 4GB Ram versions which will be higher on the price point for the 4GB Ram variant of the Galaxy J6. Smartphone also comes with 32GB and 64GB internal Storage option which can be expanded via micro SD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy J6 Camera

Rear Main Camera

J6 rear main camera comes with all the supported features that Samsung’s typical UI has in almost all its models. Key features of the rear camera include a 13-megapixel camera with flash just put together with the fingerprint sensor. You get various filters and normal adjustments in the manual mode too.

Front Camera

J6 2018 front camera is equipped with an 8-megapixel shooter which can be ideal to shoot in daylight but maybe a little problematic at night time. Tell us your review in the Samsung Galaxy J6 user Review in the comment section below.

Battery Specs

Samsung Galaxy J6 comes with a 3000 mah non-removable battery which I think is quite sufficient for the device and also the day to day tasks. Let me know the amount of time you are getting in the User Review ie, comment section below

Other Key Features

  • Comes with Android 8.1 Oreo 
  • Rear Fingerprint Sensor 
  • LTE Cat.4 
  • Dua sim slots
  • Metal body
  • Front facing camera with flash

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Galaxy J6 User Review

Review By – Lalrin

Been using J 6 for a 45+ days now.
1. SUPER AMOLED, nobody beats Samsung when it comes to display
2. GOOD BATTERY, 3000mAh may seem less for 5.6 inch, but it gives me 10 hrs continuous heavy usage.
3. Camera.. Most of Chinese phones Dual camera can’t beat SAMSUNG J 6 with 1.9 aperture
4. No heating at all. Played asphalt 8, Pocket tank, browse while charging, no issues at all
1. No auto brightness
2. No fast charging., it takes 3 hrs to fully charged
3. EXYNOS 7870 is two years old chip, not as fast as Rivals Snapdragon 635 which is use by Note 5 pro. But still no lag, no hang
If you want a faster performance, go for Chinese Phone. But remember J6 has a sturdy build quality and Samsung service centre is everywhere

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