[USER REVIEW] OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earbuds Review

Oneplus has launched its brand new edition of wireless earbuds, Bullets wireless earbuds. This earbud is unique in features, sound and as well as price. This article includes USER REVIEW of the all-new Oneplus Bullets Wireless Earbuds. 
Let’s start with the quick review of the OnePlus Bullets. First of all, USER REVIEW can be found in the comment section below. I request readers like you who have owned this earbud, write your honest reviews in the comment section below with pros and cons of the earbuds too :D. This will eventually help many consumers who are willing to buy the Bullets Earbuds.

What is OnePlus Wireless Earbuds?

OnePlus being a smartphone manufacturer or should I say flagship killer manufacturer, has been launching quite a few accessories. They have also launched Bullets wired earbud. But this time a new edition has been made, a wireless earbud. OnePlus Wireless Bullets claims to enhance audio experience, without the hustle of wires.

Why buy wireless earbuds?

Today, probably every flagship smartphone has ditched the headphone jack. For many, it is a bummer as many of us still have good quality wired headphones which we would love to use. Technology never remains the same and is constantly upgrading, we also need to adapt to the same as well. You should buy a wireless earbud if you are music enthusiast love to listen from your smartphone.

Features or Pros of OnePlus Wireless Bullets Earbuds

OnePlus wireless Bullets earbuds come with lots of features and there are quite a few reasons to buy these earbuds – 

    1. First things first, Wireless earbud so no hustle of wires anymore.
    2. Another Premium looking and stylish design from OnePlus.
    3. Solid build quality.
    4. Perfect to wear during gym, company claims it to be sweat resistant.
    5. Ready to go swimming with this earbud, water resistant.
  1. Easy operation. To turn off, snap them together. To turn on, unsnap the earbud.
  2. Smart Wireless Earbud. Supports Google Assistant.
  3. Dash charging for the earbuds. Fast, with just 10 minutes of charge, one can use it for 5 hours.
  4. Improve sound quality. Supports Aptx.
  5. Less Distortion. OnePlus has put in a feature called Energy Tube which decreases distortion levels.

The above pros are enough to buy this earbud. But let us also look at some of its cons.

Cons of OnePlus Wireless Bullets earbuds

There aren’t really many bad points about this earbud, however, to name a few –

  1. Maybe costly for some consumer who can get cheaper wireless earbuds from another brand. Costs $70.
  2. Wireless earbuds are easy to lose.  Can be a con for some.
  3. You need to keep its dash charger with you if you travel a lot.
  4. May not be easily available in certain countries.

Please make sure to write down the cons you feel in the comment section below.

Should You Buy OnePlus wireless Bullets?

Definitely, if you are willing to purchase a good quality wireless earbuds. A good alternative to Bullets is the Apple Airpods, which I think I a little costlier than the bullets. If you are fitness freak or workout is a part of your routine, then being water and sweat resistant this earbuds make a good choice for you. Another good reason to buy this earbud is decreased in distortion levels, hence improving sound quality. 

What is the Price? and when it will be available?

The price for OnePlus Wireless Earbud are as follows

  • $69 – Price in USA
  • EUR69 – Price in Europe
  • GBP69 – Price in England

Availability of the earbuds – These earbuds will be available from June 5 onwards.

That’s it, I hope the above information helped you out. This post will be updated constantly. All the users of OnePlus wireless bullets, please do make sure to comment your honest opinions on the same. 😀 Do check Tech Droid Tips for more.