How to Unroot Moto G40 Fusion & Restore Stock ROM? Step By Step!

In this article, I will display step by step instruction guide on how to unroot the Moto G40 Fusion with just one click. Furthermore, I will showcase three simple methods on the same. And also how to restore stock ROM on the Moto G40 Fusion. Alright, let’s start.

About Moto G40 Fusion

Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Moto G40 Fusion smartphone.

  • Firstly, it has a 6.8 inches display with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels.
  • And Moto G40 Fusion also comes with Android 11
  • And under the hood, the phone has a Snapdragon 732G chipset.
  • The Phone also comes with 4/6GB GB Ram and 64/128 GB Storage. 
  • Furthermore, the camera sensor is – 64+8+2 triple rear camera and 16 MP front shooter.
  • Finally, the battery on the phone is a non-removable 6000 mAh.

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What do you mean by Unroot or Unrooting the Moto G40 Fusion Android Phone?

Unroot or unrooting the Moto G40 Fusion Android device simply means going back. When you root the device, you get permission to do extra customization on the phone. But due to some reason you want to go back and unroot the phone. So that the phone return to stock.

Advantages of Unrooting the Moto G40 Fusion

So, the only main advantage of unrooting the Moto G40 Fusion Android phone is to get the warranty back. The warranty is void when you root the device. When something goes wrong in the smartphone, you want to go back and unroot and claim the warranty. Unrooting is pretty easy and convenient for the users.

What if I have a custom ROM installed on the phone? How do I go back to stock ROM or stock firmware?

  • First of all, Boot into recovery mode ie, TWRP recovery on Moto G40 Fusion
  • And then go to Backup and Restore > Restore > “Choose the backup file” (I am sure you did back up your current firmware before installing custom ROM on the phone).
  • And now reboot the phone. 
  • So, you are now back to stock ROM on the Moto G40 Fusion. But the phone still has root access, to unroot the phone consider the steps below. 

Do note that the above procedure does not Install Stock Recovery it only installs the stock ROM.

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Let’s Unroot the Moto G40 Fusion Android Phone –

Important points before Unrooting the Moto G40 Fusion:

  • Firstly, charge the phone fully.
  • And only use genuine accessories such as data cable.
  • Carefully see step by step instruction guide to unroot the Moto G40 Fusion.
  • Techdroidtips is not responsible if anything goes wrong with the smartphone. Please do it at your own risk.

Unroot Motorola Moto G40 Fusion Restore

Unroot the Moto G40 Fusion By SuperSU: METHOD 1

This method is for the users who rooted their Moto G40 Fusion with the help of the SuperSU zip file.

  • Launch the SuperSU app and go to setting. 
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • And tap on the “Full Unroot” button.
  • Let the process start and the device will reboot.
  • Finally, you have successfully unrooted your Moto G40 Fusion with the help of the SuperSU app.

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Unroot the Moto G40 Fusion with just one click: METHOD 2

Precautions – 

  1. Fully charge the phone.
  2. Also, turn on Wi-fi or a mobile data network on your phone.

Lets Unroot Your Moto G40 Fusion 

  • Firstly, download KingoRoot Application on your smartphone.
  • Install the App on your Moto G40 Fusion.
  • Open the app and click on Unroot Your Phone option in the app.
  • Let the process happen and make sure you do not interrupt the whole process.
  • That’s it congratulations you have successfully unrooted the Moto G40 Fusion with just one click. 
  • Try a different method if you fail to unroot the device via this method.

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UnRoot Moto G40 Fusion with PC: METHOD 3

  • First of all, download and install the KingoRoot PC application on your computer or laptop.
  • Furthermore, connect the Moto G40 Fusion phone via data cable to your PC.
  • Next, Open the KingoRoot application.
  • And click on the “Remove Root” or “Unroot” option in the application.
  • Finally, congratulations just wait for a few minutes, and voila your phone Moto G40 Fusion is now back to stock.

In conclusion, I hope this article helped you out in successfully unrooting the Moto G40 Fusion. And if you have encountered any issues regarding unrooting the device then do let me know in the comment section below.