Tech Droid Tips Motive & Development Process

Hello Guys, welcome to Tech Droid Tips. You have visited this page because you want to know about the website and its working. In this short article, I will be covering all your doubts.


The website’s main motive is to encourage development on the smartphones & update the readers as soon as possible. So this website is basically on the future development of the smartphone devices which you guys own.

  1. Whenever the development occurs on the smartphone, we update the article with (UPDATE) title.
  2. Also, Please do read the disclaimer under each article. Very Important.
  3. Here is the disclaimer – Disclaimer – Welcome to Tech Droid Tips, we work hard to provide you the information related to the product. Please be careful while performing the steps as we take no responsibility. Many processes for almost all the smartphones are similar & we regularly update the article to match the existing development on the phone. Please do note that this article is providing you the possible process or the method for the specific development of the smartphone. Required files are added to the article once the development is available. Thank you 😀

  4. Articles on Tech Droid Tips exists because of the future development of the phone.

Now let me share an infographic image with you guys so that you can understand about our site more better.

Smartphone Development Root ROM TWRP Recovery Unlock Bootloader

I hope the above infographic image will clear all your doubts. If not cleared yet, then read on –

Unlock Bootloader –

Our articles on unlocking the bootloader on smartphone devices are clear & pretty straightforward. We publish the article for every smartphone launched because of the future development of the device. If the Bootloader unlock is not possible at the moment on the smartphone, we clearly mentioned that in the article. Some OEM needs an additional procedure to unlock the bootloader such as VIVO & OPPO, & also phones running on a Snapdragon chipset, due to high security in their devices. We clearly mention that the phone needs an additional development.

Custom Recoveries –

Our articles on custom recoveries are detailed with proper steps & instructions. However, we still do not take any sort of responsibility for your device. Many smartphones are under development for the custom recoveries, but we still publish the article because people are very keen to know about the recovery process of the smartphone, unfortunately, which is not possible without the image file that is mandatory in order to install the custom recovery on the smartphone. If there is no image file then you cannot install the custom recovery. We clearly mention in our article that image file is not developed for the smartphone yet & will be added once available. When the image file is available we update the article with an “UPDATE” title.

Root –

Articles on rooting your smartphone are easy & simple, these articles on our website exist because of the future development of the smartphones. Our rooting tutorials include the procedure of rooting your device with SuperSU & Magisk + more methods. However, you cannot root your smartphone via SuperSU & Magisk if you have not installed any sort of custom recovery on your device. Apart from these two methods, we provide more possible solutions of rooting the device. However that procedure may or may not work on certain smartphone devices. We clearly state that try a different method if it fails to root your device.

How to Custom ROMs –

Our articles on how to install custom ROM is very clear. The title says is very clear & easy to understand. People usually ask for “where is the custom ROM?” But the title is pretty straightforward on “How to Install Custom ROM”. We have not included any sort of custom ROM in the article. This article is tutorial on how to. That’s it. Now, many of the readers have questioned that why this article exists when there is no custom ROM in the article. Now let me tell, that many people search for the custom ROM on their device & after they get the download file, they do not understand how to install it on their phone or they are afraid to try it on their own as it may brick the device. And people usually search for their device, meaning, how to install custom ROM on “device name”? instead of how to install the custom ROM on an android phone, which is exactly same on every device. That is why these articles exist on our website. Many websites & big forums fail to provide the exact procedure of installing the ROM & they just put up the download file. So, many people who are new to this development procedures, they go blank and don’t know what to do. That’s why these articles exist on our website. Hope it was clear.

Unroot & Restore Stock ROM –

Our articles on how to unroot & restore stock ROM on the device is also very informative. Unrooting is very easy, which is the same method they used to root the device. Restoring stock ROM is when you have already taken a back up of your previous ROM, then only one can restore their ROM.

Smartphone Common Problems –

We write articles on the most common problems on your Android device. These articles cover all the COMMON PROBLEMS of the smartphone device. These articles are developing every day in the comment sections. As owners usually provide feedback on their device & comment on their issues. Which is helpful to many owners of the device.


So, I hope your all doubts are clear regarding smartphone development. And TECH DROID TIPS exists because of the FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DEVICE.