Best High-End Smartphones You Should Buy In December 2018!

Finally,  here are the best high-end smartphones of 2018. And all the smartphones are worth for what they cost. All these smartphones are best and excellent in their areas. And these smartphones are at the top of my list.

Apple iPhone XS Max – The Game Changer

September 2018 is the month of the launching of iPhone XS Max. And 6.5-inch is the display size of iPhone XS Max.  Also, The resolution is 1242 x 2688 pixels. However, having an Hexa-core CPU and 4-core graphics Apple GPU is just fast. And Apple iPhone XS Max runs on iOS 12. Further, in terms of camera iPhone XS Max is having and dual camera setup with 12MP each and a 7MP selfie or front camera.

In addition, the battery capacity is 3174 mAh. The pricing of the 64GB variant of iPhone XS Max is $1099. I think Apple has gone far & done a favor to many of its ecosystem users. If you are an Apple fan, then this phone is just amazing for what it offers & costs.

Apple iPhone XR – Mix Breed

iPhone XR was launched in the month of October. 6.1-inch is the size of IPS-LCD display of iPhone XR. And the resolution is 828 x 1792 pixels. In addition, it runs on iOS 12 and having Hexa-core CPU with 4-core graphics GPU. Talking about the camera it is having a 12MP rear camera with f/1.8. and the front camera is 7MP with f/2.2. Also, the battery capacity is of about 2942 mAh.

The price of iPhone XR in the US is of about $749 for a 64GB model. iPhone XR is a mix breed of the all new iPhoneX, XS & the iPhone 8. Apple iPhone XR gets the same inner as the new & costlier iPhone. The back looks like the one on the iPhone 8 & the front resembles the X. And, this phone is currently trending in Apple lineup with most sales.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Increase Your Productivity

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is launched before the iPhone XS and XR in the month of August. And 6.4-inch  is the display size on the Galaxy Note 9. The resolution is1440 x 2960 pixels. It runs on the Android version 8.1 Oreo. And having a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with Mali-G72 and Adreno 630 GPU. In terms of camera, it is having a dual rear camera setup both of 12MP each and a selfie camera of 8MP with f/1.7. However, the battery capacity is 4000mAh. The pricing of the Galaxy Note 9 is about $999.99 in the US for the 128GB variant.

I have used the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 personally, and believe me that the SPen features on the Note lineup is truly amazing, and with the new Note 9, features get even better. In addition, the large display is truly an immersive experience. If you love the SPen features the smartphone offers, then this phone will make you more productive.

Google Pixel 3 – Pure & Amazing Camera

Google Pixel 3 is the latest Smartphone as launched in the month of November. And Google Pixel 3 is having a P-OLED display. The resolution is 1080 x 2160 pixels. In Google Pixel 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset is used with Adreno 630 GPU. In the field of camera Pixel 3 comes with a single rear camera of 12.2MP with f/1.8 and dual selfie camera both are 8MP. However, the battery capacity of Pixel 3 is of 2915mAh. While the price of Google Pixel 3 is about $799  for a 64GB variant in the US market.

If you are the one who loves to own a smartphone that is just pure, then certinly there is no better option then the Google Pixel 3. Furthermore, it is compact & sturdy builed device. In addition, you get the latest Android whenever it is released. Finally, camera on this device is just amazing, even in low light. You have to agree that Pixel 3 is comparable to the Apple’s costliest device.

So, above were our top picks on high-end premium smartphones that money can buy in 2018. Let me know in the comments what do you think of these smartphones.