Samsung To Launch Amazing 6 Camera Phone Soon!

Today, a new report comes from The Wall Street Journal out of the capital of South Korea. Claiming that Samsung is functioning on a “top-secret” device with 6 cameras: 2 within the front and 4 on the rear. The promises of “richer photos and higher special perception”.

It appears like Samsung desires to compete with the newest Huawei Mate 20 pro. Which launched with 3 cameras and might increase to 5x hybrid zoom and macro shots up to 2.5cm near to the camera. This alleged Samsung device is brought up the “Beyond X” that is also same to possess  5G  connectivity. And are available with an oversized 6.7-inch display, larger than the 6.4-inch display on the Galaxy Note9. Also, the supposed one forthcoming the Galaxy S10+,  also 6.4-inches. in line with the report. Samsung has “saved” options for this device to differentiate itself from alternative offerings.

Samsung 6 Camera Phone

Galaxy S10

The same report further disclosed data regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10, as well. For one, each the Galaxy S10 family (two or three models) is about to arrive in February, probably for a mid-month event. Considering that The MWC starts on February 25, ought to the timeframe be true.  Samsung could be watching another new york city launch event.

The other delicacy is that the Galaxy S10 might have reverse wireless charging just like the Mate 20 pro. We tend to hope this suggests that Samsung can place even larger batteries into the future Galaxy S10 duo. Finally, Samsung’s foldaway smartphone may be known as the “Galaxy Flex” or “Samsung Flex”. That is attention-grabbing considering LG used the name “Flex” within the LG G Flex series of phones with versatile displays. This was a remarkable time for smartphones.

Does Samsung really want to make a phone with six cameras? No, however, the trend apparently has become “how more cameras will we tend to match into it?” therefore we tend to surprise what number cameras it’ll take before phone manufacturers begin exploitation larger sensors rather than multiple little sensors – if larger sensors ever do come out in smartphones.