Samsung & LG To Launch Their First 5G Smartphone

It looks like that 5G will be the major selling point for every smartphone company in the upcoming year 2019. Not only wireless carriers will be going to advertise their new updated network, but Samsung is getting extra attention in the market from Verizon Wireless and AT&T for the new network.

The First 5G Smartphone

The new report came from South Korea that claims Samsung and LG will be launching their first 5G smartphone in the upcoming MWC convention. However, the GSMA MWC will take place in Barcelona from 25th February to 28th February 2019. As per an earlier report, Samsung will announce its new flagship Galaxy S10 on 20th February 2019. So, hopefully, the Samsung Galaxy S10 may come with 5G.

Samsung & LG First 5G Smartphone

Variants – Galaxy S10

However, the regular variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t support 5G but the special edition may be featured with 5G support. Also, the special edition may be having 6 camera features. Although, we have heard a lot about Samsung and 5G but we are not aware of LG. There is a rumor that LG will also launch its first 5G support flagship smartphone in MWC 2019.

LG 5G Smartphone 2019

LG will be competing with Samsung with its upcoming H1 flagship smartphone in 2019. Although at the end of February MWC will take place. But both LG and Samsung were planning to launch their 5G support devices in March 2019. LG hasn’t done well in competition department when comes against Samsung. But this time it may provide a boost to LG and they need to snatch the sales.


However, as per the history, LG will have a limited launch of their flagship smartphone in company’s home country while Samsung will be launching its device all over the world same time. Thus, this may turn the more sales toward Samsung.