Money Earning App On Google Play Store – Roz Dhan App Review

In this article, I will tell you an amazing app for the people to just sit and earn by doing tasks. Roz Dhan app available to download on the Google Play Store is one of the very few apps that actually make you earn by just completing simple tasks & also is very engaging. Furthermore, I will cover what features & functionality does Roz Dhan app provide you with. Let’s get started.

Roz Dhan App – Earn Money From Android Phone

  1. Firstly, download the Roz Dhan App From the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Size of the app is just 8.9MB. Furthermore, this money earning app requires Android version 4.1 and up. The app already has more than 50 lakhs download. For new users, as soon as you log in for the first time you earn 25 rupees instantly.

2. Next, Earn extra 25 rupees by entering my Invite Code – 06EKJ1 To enter the Invite code, go to your profile & there you will see an option to add invite code, click and add my unique invite code to earn extra 25 rupees.

3. Furthermore, Roz Dhan offers easy ways to make money and you can do what you love the most to make money fast. For example – You can read articles and push notifications, share articles, invite friends, create a profile, read FAQ, play games and share ranks. Moreover, you will get paid whenever you complete any of these tasks.

How to Make Quick Money From Roz Dhan App?

As discussed above the different ways to earn money from the app, but to make it quick you can read and earn money on the go. Roz Dhan app offers Gold articles that are not only trending but also are very interesting. Bonus Tip – Share your read articles with your friends and family through WhatsApp or other sharing means to earn extra. You can earn up to 20 coins for sharing and up to 80 coins if your friend reads the article. Also, you can read push notifications for extra benefits.

Earn Unlimited Money From Roz Dhan App

Now you can earn as much as you want from the best-earning app in India. Keep inviting your friends and earn a whopping 1500 coins + extra 250 coins for the friend invite. You can earn unlimited by inviting all your friends & family members. Remember to share your invite code also, they also get an extra 25 rupees after entering an invite code.

Earn Extra Gifts

There are way too many options for any person to earn from the Roz Dhan app, one such way is just by checking in to the app daily. Yes, you heard that right. You get surprise gifts every 4th day & 7th day of check-in. So make sure you check in to the app daily to earn extra rewards.

Get Paytm Cash From Roz Dhan App

When you complete any tasks from the Roz Dhan app you get coins as a reward and when you have a minimum of 200 coins, you can redeem. Furthermore, your coins will be exchanged in real money and will be transferred to your Paytm wallet. 

Final Verdict

Roz Dhan app is a great and easy way to make money on your Android phone. By using this app you get various tasks that are easy to do & fun to do at the same time. So, the more time you spend on the app, the more you are able to earn. Roz Dhan is easily the best earning app in India right now. I recommend you to download the Roz Dhan app right away and earn Paytm cash directly to your linked mobile number.