Microsoft To Introduce Foldable Surface Smartphones, Maybe Soon!

It seems that the foldable smartphone is the new trend-setting smartphones. All the smartphone are working behind this and are in competition to launch the first ever foldable smartphone. Now Microsoft comes with the new foldable device concept and may launch in the year 2019. The codename of that device is “Andromeda”.

Microsoft Surface Expected in 2019

As per the reports from BGR from tech journalist Brad Sams, the Andromeda is supposed to launch in 2019. Earlier, it is supposed to launch in 2018. For those who come to know about Andromeda first time, Microsoft has already come with this idea of the foldable device earlier. This is not the first time of Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Foldable Phone

Microsoft’s Foldable Notebook

Many years back, Microsoft came with an idea of foldable notebook. However, Andromeda is the revisiting to that idea with modern updates to it. Although there are not more details about the Andromeda. However, it is clear that it won’t be a smartphone. Rather more likely to a tablet or notebook. Thus it is clear that it won’t compete with Samsung and Huawei.

This means that Microsoft is more focused on their surface brand tablets and computer rather than smartphones. Although, you have to wait for 2019 for the first foldable device from Microsoft.

Microsoft Lumia Devices & Market

Microsoft also tried to go into the smartphone market. In 2011, they launched their first smartphone with Nokia powered with Windows. But with the falling shares of Nokia. Windows failed to gain the momentum in the market. Thus, Microsoft took over Nokia in 2013 and continue selling their windows phones. But with the fewer sales company back off from the smartphones business in the year 2015. And sold the Nokia to HMD Global.