Microsoft Left Apple Behind For The Most Valuable US Company!

Similar to the world of technology, the financial will never be at rest it will keep on moving. So only a few people can predict what will happen when you merge the two together. For example, Last on August 2nd, Apple become the first U.S company to hit one trillion dollars, Microsoft’s market was about $825 billion. Amazon, which will soon join the trillion dollar club in a month, was 1-B to Apple’s 1-A. However, no one was talking about Microsoft.

As noted by Business Insider, earlier today, Microsoft took over the Apple to become the most valuable U.S. company. In fact, last time this happened in 2010 where trading was closed on Monday, Apple was back on top.

Microsoft Passes apple US Most Valuable Company

However, the shares of Microsoft is not raised at all. Although there is a decline in the shares of Microsoft from $109.60 to $106.47. There is a decline of 2.9%. Where there is a drop of about 19.9% shares of Apple. Over the same period, there is a drop from $217.94 to $174.62 of Apple shares. In fact, investors are in worry about the decrease in the sales of the iPhone. Which led apple to cut the orders of 2018 models.

Amazon shares

In case you are still imagining, there is also a drop by 18% over the last three months from $1927.68 to $1,581.33 of Amazon shares. This proves that the will never be stable or at rest. However, anybody can top the table and anybody can fall from top anytime.

When Apple Launched First iPhone

While $13.22 is a closing share of Apple on January 9th, 2007. That’s the day when Apple launched its first iPhone. This means that Apple investors who bought  100 shares at that time on the basis of iPhone launching, is now the holder of shares worth $17,462. On the basis of closing on Monday’s 4 pm, $828.64 billion is the closing value of Apple, Microsoft at $817.29 billion. While Amazon at $773.222 billion.

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