How to hard reset or format pixel 4a? ANDROID FORUMS!


In order to hard reset your phone, please read the instructions carefully & also refer to the method second given below.

  1. Firstly, make sure that your Pixel 4a battery is at least 50%
  2. Also, make sure to backup all your data including Photos, Apps, Games, Important Files & Data before hard reset
  3. Now go to the settings app on your Pixel 4a
  4. Search for Backup & Restore 
  5. Then click on Full Factory Reset ie, Hard Reset
  6. Choose the option to erase all the important data from the phone & tap continue
  7. Enter your Pixel 4a password if asked 
  8. Wait till your phone reboots & completes Hard reset
  9. Finally, when the phone turns on, your phone is HARD RESET successfully

Pixel 4A Hard Reset

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Method 2

  1. Make sure the battery is charged at least up to 50%
  2. Next, turn off your Pixel 4a
  3. Now, keep pressing the Power button & Volume down button together until the logo appears
  4. You will see various options on the screen, to navigate use Volume Up to go up, Volume Down to go down & Power Button to select. 
  5. Press the Volume down button to navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset & Press Power Button to select
  6. Now wait for your Pixel 4a to boot
  7. And your phone is now hard reset successfully

About Pixel 4A

Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Pixel 4A smartphone.

  • Firstly, it has a 5.81 inches display with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels.
  • And Pixel 4A also comes with Android 10
  • And under the hood, the phone has a Snapdragon730 chipset.
  • The Phone also comes with 6GB Ram and 128GB Storage. 
  • Furthermore, the camera sensor is – 12 MP  rear camera and 8 MP front shooter.
  • Finally, the battery on the phone is a non-removable 3140 mAh.

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