You Need To Know About The Pixel 3 Camera By Google!

Smartphones were getting better day by day with an enhancement in cameras. However, Google has established well itself into to beat in the smartphone camera segment. The company’s Pixel 2 is top of the DxOmarks single lens camera smartphone camera rankings until the arrival of iPhone XR. Anyway, now the Pixel 3 matches the score of the iPhone XR and become a top-ranked single camera smartphone. In fact, the score of pixel 3 is only behind the few flagship smartphones with a dual camera setups.

Google Pixel 3 is having a 12.2MP, 1/2.55-inch dual pixel sensor with a 28mm f/1.8 lens and dual LED flash. Also, Optical image stabilization is there in Pixel 3 with Google’s computation imaging capabilities. Which makes the Pixel camera work at peak without the use of an extra lens. Anyway, the smartphone scores a 101 in DxOMark investigation with 103 in photo-specific testing 98 in the video. While in comparing with original Pixel which scored 90 the Pixel 2 scores 98.

Google Pixel 3 Single Camera Score

The Results

After the test, the website praises the Pixel 3 as it manages to shot good details in most of the conditions. Also, it offers good zoom exposure and dynamic range. In addition, it is having fast autofocus and accurate target exposure for LED flash photos. Also, the Pixel 3 video recording consists of low noise and efficient motion stabilization. Although, the colors while recording were not accurate.

DcOMark Review

As per the DxOMark review, the search giant has shown great progress in image processing of Pixel 3 with computational imaging. Which makes the user believe and use it in any condition. Additionally, the Zoom and Bokeh effect function is also enhanced in the Pixel 3 when compared to older Pixel phones.

Let The Camera Do Its Best

Although, it lags behind the flagship as not having a multi-camera setup. Anyway, the Pixel 3 is the best phone for those who don’t wish to carry a larger phone with a multi-camera setup. The DxOMark also writes ” Google Pixel 3 is superlative when pulling the phone out and pressing the shutter and let the camera do its best”.