The All New BMW M3 To Launch with Advanced Technology!

BMW a company from Germany is all set to launch its new version for BMW M3. The expected launch will be in 2020. This time the BMW M3 will weight less with more power than the present model. There is an updated twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six engine with a power of 465bhp in the BMW M3 model of 2020.

Although, the present model produces about 454bhp power. However, this increase in the performance may be just because of the use of water injection system. Which help in decreasing the temperature of the engine cylinders. further, with a nominal weight of the water injection system, the company is having a goal to build the BMW M3 with less weight. In fact the present model weight of 1585kg. With the use of carbon fiber parts including the rooftop helped in achieving their goal.

New BMW Launch 2020


There is no additional detail regarding the new BMW M3. Although, with a lightweight car will pass the present BMW M3 CS’s 00-62mph time in 3.9sec. However, there will be an option between 6-speed manual gear or 8-speed automatic gear. There is also an enhancement in the chassis which will provide a smooth ride and comfortable ride.

iDrive From BMW

The company will retain the iDrive system with a rotary knob with advanced drive assistant feature. The M3 series will be having an hardware of two-door M440i M performance coupe and M440d M performance coupe. And these models will be available from 2020 and are the part of 26- model of M division tuned cars. However, there will be more expensive than Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sports.

Testing In Progress

Active rear-wheel steering system will be there? not yet confirmed. This will help in increasing the agility and boost high-speed stability. This car will be available from the year 2020 as the testing of the car is in progress on road.