The Must Buy Budget Apple Smartphone, iPhone SE! WHY?

Welcome Folks, In this article I will tell you about the super cheap & feature packed smartphone by Apple and why you should buy it now. So, iPhone SE is the most affordable Smartphone from Apple, as iPhone SE is the cheapest smartphone by Apple. Here, are the reasons why iPhone SE is still the best Smartphone you must go for in 2018.

iPhone SE Price

As iPhone is the cheapest smartphone from Apple. Thus, iPhone SE is affordable for everyone. However, iPhone SE is priced at $399 for the 16GB model and $499 FOR 64GB variant. And with this price tag, you will get lots of feature from Apple. In fact, iPhone SE is worth buying for $399 or $499. In my suggestion, you must go for the 64GB variant.

iPhone SE Must Buy Budget Smartphone

iPhone SE Features

You will get some features of iPhone 6S with the iPhone SE at a very low price. However, Apple A9 processor is used in iPhone SE. And you will get 13 hours of video playback. The IPS LCD display of size 4-inch is used in iPhone SE. In terms of camera, it is having a 12MP of rear camera with dual tone LED flash. The secondary camera is of the only 1.2MP. Although, it will have an HDR mode with f/2.4. Also, you will be having a fingerprint sensor which is mounted on the front panel.

iPhone SE Build Quality

There is hardly any change in iPhone SE and iPhone 5S design. There is hardly any physical difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE. Sleek curves are also not there. In this price tag, you will be having a good premium look with a decent design. iPhone SE is a handy phone, you can comfortably handle it and use with a single hand.

Apple Ecosystem

Apple Ecosystem is one of the best ecosystems with respect to others in the globe. However, Apple ecosystem is part of the reason behind why many iPhone users buy MacBook and vice versa. Airdrop feature will help you to transfer stuff between iPhone and MacBook. Also, with one-time setup, your iPhone will automatically turn into Wi-Fi to your MacBook. And you can also get your phone calls on your Mac when your iPhone is not around you. In addition, you can easily send and receive your text messages on MacBook. Also, you will have an ease in shopping from Apple Pay from MacBook.

So, above were some of the reasons that will convince you to buy the Apple iPhone SE. If you are looking for a handy & relatively compact smartphone, just for casual purpose then this is a great device to spend on. Let me know in the comment section below, what you think of this phone.

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