Apple iPhone Xs & Xs Max Sales Declining, Company To Resume iPhone X Production!

In the past year, Apple launched iPhone X. While in September 2018 Apple launched iPhone XR and iPhone XS with iPhone XS Max. Also, iPhone announced earlier that iPhone X will no longer be available. As iPhone XS is similar to iPhone X. Also, with upgraded software and hardware. 

iPhone XR can save a few bucks on the purchase. According to today’s wall street journals, the sale of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is not up to the mark as expected by Apple. Therefore, this lead apple to start the production of the iPhone X. Apple purchases the OLED Display from the Samsung for their iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Thus, with lesser demand apple won’t be able to fulfill the contract with them.

iPhone X Production Resumes

So, Apple is rescheduling the manufacturing of iPhone X for fulfilling the contract. If not, Apple may face a big loss. As the sale not as expected by Apple of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. As the latter is cheaper to manufacture. that can bring the small margin of profit to the company.

Irrespective, this report has not been provided either apple or Samsung. Also, There is decreased in the manufacturing by 20% to 30% of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Also, the firm confirmed there is an increment in the manufacturing of iPhone8.

Todays Wall Street Journals observed that iPhone 8 is the most popular smartphone in Japan. Therefore, there is an increment in the sale of more than 20% of iPhone8. While the sale of iPhone XR is about 13%  during that time period. If this is an exact report. It is yet to declare by Apple when they are going to start offering the iPhone X  again. Also, Apple hasn’t talked about pricing.