Apple iPhone Data Is Still Not Safe, Locked Files Can Be Accessed!

Although, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR sales are not as per expected by Apple. But now the problem is increased not only with the new models but also with the older models. In short, the data on all iPhones and iPads running on iOS 12 is no safer.

DriveSavers a popular data recovery company mentioned this details. Also, a 100% success rate is there of accessing the locked files. Furthermore, Apple also gets to know more about the security lags.

Data Recovery Apple iPhone

DriveSavers charge $3,900 for trying to access locked devices. Corporate says they use strict protocols from customers to ensure that they are not hacking their devices. In fact, Apple has given an open for everyone to find and fix the problem with the higher prizes.

The Face ID Failure

Security is one of the key selling points for Apple until now. But with the decline in the sales of new models till security feature will be like hell for Apple. That will discourage the people to go for iPhone. Also, iPhone X is suffering from the Face ID failures.

The Problem

In my views, the corporate is suffering from the worst phase right now. We hope Apple will overcome this problem soon and soon will bounce back in a market. As we all know Apple is world second largest smartphone market. While, Despite its more focus in India, Apple is set to see a decline in the sales of smartphone in the country of the year 2018. However, the biggest struggle in India for Apple is regarding the price of the iPhones which ranges from INR 35,000 TO INR 90,000. Where a normal smartphone cost around INR 15,000 only.

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