16 Camera’s On The Smartphone Could Soon Become Reality By LG!

Does four or five lenses on camera in a smartphone enough for you? Well, LG is not satisfied at all. Recently, the company filed a patent for a possible 16-lens camera on a smartphone.

LetsGoDigital is the first in spotting the patent. It suggests there is a 16 camera matrix arrangement with different curves. However, this different curves can be used in taking the photos from the different angles. In fact, the major function is to take the moving pictures through multiple lenses.

16 Camera on LG Phone

In the patent, we have seen that camera arrangement on the back of the device with a mirror for selfies and flash below the lens. Also, this will provide some great effect on photos with the simple setup. For instance, it will be easy in replacing an object in an image.

Similarly, there is also an ease in merging an image from different lenses. Which is already present in Google Pixel 3 for HDR+, Super Res Zoom and Night Shift. In addition, there is also a feature in replacing faces and capturing 3D images

Similar Smartphone

Recently, Samsung launched a Galaxy A9 with 4 cameras on the rear side of the smartphone. Also, there is a rumor that Nokia will launch a phone with 5 lens camera smartphone. So need to surprise as there may be more lenses on the smartphone in the future. Although, we are not sure that LG will finish its patent and release a Smartphone with the 16-lens camera. However, this an interesting concept and we will love to see it. We also want to see LG converting the imagination into reality.